Our Creation Powers


If I said that creating this website and even this first blog post was easy, I would be lying. Channeling my own creativity has been a birthing process in itself. There are times that I feel so expansive with the motivation to build an entire empire, and times where I would like to give it all up and forget about it.

Creation is a topic that can be spoken about for hours on end, in various perspectives. For now, I want to focus on just two of those topics. One of them being the creation energy that we have access to in every single moment of every single day, and the second being that your creative energy will wait for you, and it’ll find you as you will find it.

First, this beautiful place called Earth that we inhabit, is one of the most unique places to exist, as it is the home of co-creation. Gaia, our Earth mother, oversees the exchanges on our planet. She loves us unconditionally, thus, she does not judge, does not direct, she simply observes and responds. Her response, is to that of what you are asking for whether consciously or subconsciously. Again, she does not discern, she simply speaks back to you. The “law of attraction”, what has become famous because of “The Secret”, is not a complicated science. This is her communication. Many people fear karma because of this law, but what it truly boils down to is very simple. What you are putting into the universe is what you will get out. So while you may consciously say,” I want name that car“, your heart and soul must truly align with all that it is you desire AND it must be in the highest good for all. The point here is that Gaia is always available to help. She does not abandon you ever. YOU abandon you, YOU defeat yourself. The gift here? You can also reclaim your power, speak your truth, and create all that it is that you seek. You hold the responsibility!

Second, since you always have access to this ever-flowing and abundant creation energy, whether or not you choose to tap into it does not change its existence. For example, you have been full steam on a project and over the course of a week, you become deterred because you know, life happens. Days turn into weeks, turn into months, and this project that you were once enthralled with goes by the wayside. However, does the creation itself go anywhere? Does the idea burn out? Perhaps the time away was needed because you return newly inspired or with a fresh lens. Maybe you needed the time to let another aspect of this project come to fruition. Maybe the project even takes on a new life, or, the opposite. Maybe it dies completely. Whatever the outcome, the creation energy is still there to help you pick back up, become completely invigorated, or let go of an old idea that was not going to serve you. The creation energy will find you because your soul asks for it, which means it is meant for you. It will find you and you will find it. What is meant for you, and I stress what is truly meant for you not what your ego wants, will ALWAYS without a doubt merge with you and set your life on fire in the most joyous, unimaginable ways.

So, have patience, rest when needed, and know that the creation energy you seek is within you as you are an integral piece of this gorgeous earth that we call home.



1 thought on “Our Creation Powers

  1. Same channel! Glad to read you.


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