Heart soul wings was created by Laura Gorzka; intuitive healer, truth seeker, and psychotherapist. Laura gratefully shares her perspectives and teachings that she has learned from her personal journey, mentors, and education. 

Laura started her spiritual journey almost a decade ago. Her path unfolded in harmony, as she pursued the counseling field and completed her Master’s in 2013. In her program, Laura learned so much about the human experience, mental dis-orders, and therapeutic techniques, such as mindfulness, meditation, and CBT, to support clients. Throughout her program, Laura always felt that we are so much more than our human experience, and that while helpful for appropriate treatment, labels can be detrimental for clients. She knew she wanted to practice differently.

As she embarked on her spiritual journey after a series of life events, she soon realized that there was a way to blend both spirituality and therapy. For her, spirituality encompasses a universal understanding of love that we are able to become one with when we connect to our own divinity. As we heal our wounds and connect to ourselves, our lives transform enormously. We all have the power to do so, we just may need a guide to show us the way home.

Laura has studied Integrated Energy Therapy and Universal Ray Healing. These therapies channel the healing gifts offered to us through the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Similar to Reiki in its delivery, this method of healing is extremely powerful. 

She is so grateful that you have come to visit this site. Feel free to message Laura at heartsoulwing@gmail.com.












None of the information on this page is intended to provide advice or clinical expertise. What is shared on the “Blogs” is simply meant to express wisdom. If you have any questions or inquiry, please contact Laura at heartsoulwing@gmail.com. Namaste!


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